August 29, 2009

Water usage update - low flow faucet aerators

Back in mid-March we installed low flow aerators on our faucets (I did a post about that). I've been curious if there has been any difference in our water usage since we made this change so I dug out our water bills.

So, for the last four months, we've averaged a total of 66 gallons of water per day for our home. This compares to 88 gallons per day during the same period last year - a decrease of 25%. I think that our decrease is partially attributable to the low flow aerators, as well as the fact that we're conserving water from shower usage (using the cold water when the shower first turns on to water our plants). But, really, we need more months of data to support this.

Our current daily per capita usage is 33 gallons compared to the EBMUD single-family home per capita average of 102 gallons per day (as of 2002).

Nationwide, average indoor water use per capita is about 69 gallons per day according to the AWWA. The EPA estimates that 30% of household water is actually used outdoors - for a per capita average household usage of roughly 100 gallons per day nationwide.

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