July 4, 2009

Adventures in Composting: The Start

My wife and I have finally dived into composting, having talked about it over the last year. We scouted out a location for the bin on the north side of our house and looked around town for a compost bin that didn't cost 3 figures. We also wanted one that was of simple construction, yet seemed durable. Welcome...Super Composter! It's made by a company called Gardenviews, has a 450-liter capacity and sells for $79.99 at El Cerrito's Pastime ACE Hardware on San Pablo Ave.

We cleared some ivy at the base of a small slope we have on the side of the house and then I dug a notch in the hillside to create a 3-foot by 3-foot flat base for the bin.

It's simple for most people to put together - no tools necessary. My wife had to come to my rescue, though, when I got stuck assembling the bin's sides...all told it took about 20 minutes.

So now we're done and are reading up on what to do next. The Ecology Center on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley has some great (including free) composting resources - that place is awesome...

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