May 2, 2009

The Fate of the Cerrito Speakeasy - May 4

There's an opportunity for those who want to voice their opinion about the fate of the Cerrito Speakeasy on May 4. The Agenda for Monday's El Cerrito City Council / Redevelopment Agency Meeting includes the following:

"Adopt a resolution which: 1) Authorizes Redevelopment Agency staff to transition the operation of the Cerrito Theater from Downey Street Productions to a new operator, including the acquisition of Downey Street Production's equipment and fixtures at the Cerrito Theater to aid in that transition; 2) Appropriates up to $100,000 in Redevelopment funds for equipment acquisition; and 3) Authorizes staff to take the necessary steps to terminate the Cerrito Theater Lease Agreement with Downey Street Productions in conjunction with finding a new operator for the Cerrito Theater."

Monday May 4, 2009
El Cerrito City Hall
Council Chambers
10890 San Pablo Ave.
El Cerrito, CA


  1. I might try to make it, voice my opinion, which is: find whatever solution maintains the theatre with couches and beer.

  2. Agreed...I went to the last meeting but can't make it tonight. If you go, feel free to share anything your hear...