April 13, 2009

The Cerrito Speakeasy is Closing - R.I.P.

In sad news, it appears as though the Cerrito Speakeasy is indeed closing. As I recently posted, the movie theater operator is behind in its lease payments and was seeking a renegotiation of their lease and loan agreement terms. The city has been working on this but the operator recently advised them that they are leaving the theater.

Per the city of El Cerrito Redevelopment Agency:

"Based on notification received on April 7, 2009 from Downey Street Productions of their intent to close the Cerrito Speakeasy Theater, the Agency Board will not be going forward with consideration of proposed amendments to the lease and DDLA with Downey Street Productions on May 4, 2009 as was previously reported. The Board has given direction to Staff and Agency Counsel to work with Downey Street Productions on an orderly transition of the Cerrito Theater to a new operator, as was suggested by the CEO of Downey Street Productions. In addition, the Agency Board gave direction to Staff to begin the process for selecting a new operator...The Agency remains committed to the Cerrito Theater as a community asset. "

You will be missed!


  1. This doesn't say they are closing...only that there will be an orderly transition when a new operator is found.
    That may be difficult to find.

  2. Yes, hopefully the transition doesn't take too long but I do feel bad for the current operator. If you click on the link to the Redevelopment Agency in the post, it leads you to a downloadable PDF summarizing the situation...it does note the theater's imminent closure. If there can be a seemless transition to a new operator that's obviously much better.

  3. Just read an article written April 22, it said they are in trouble but they are not closing.