March 12, 2009

NRDC Green Building Video Tour

Slate has a quick tour of the Natural Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) Santa Monica office, which received the U.S. Green Building Council's highest green design certification - a Platinum rating. The dual flush toilets and reuse of rainwater seem rather easily adaptable for homes. With all the rain we've had here in El Cerrito lately, I've been experimenting with the collection of rainwater in 5-gallon buckets for watering thirsty plants.


  1. Personally I don't think it's so important to capture water in tanks. Bay Area gardens use very little water during the wet season and then the tanks never get recharged after their emptied the first time in the dry season. I think it's more important to get people infiltrating their water on their property instead of dumping it into the street and stormwater system. San Pablo Ave. sends a torrent of water down my street during every storm. Our Bay Area clay soil is a good place to store our water if we grade and plant it appropriately.

  2. Agreed Ryan. Captured rain water is a treasure. My mom always says there's some kind of "magic" in rainwater that you can never get from the hose.