March 24, 2009

New Green Rock Climbing Gym in El Cerrito

A quick shout out to Bridges Rock Gym, which just opened up in El Cerrito at 5635 San Diego Street (near Central and San Pablo Avenues). I was impressed when reading their online journal that they used some green building practices during its construction, such as using green concrete, FSC-certified lumber, and laying true linoleum flooring. The finishes inside are a step above what climbers may be used to in the Bay Area.

But how's the climbing? We looked it over last weekend and it's really nice with some of the best bouldering around (albeit darn high, topping out at 18'). They also have slacklines, yoga, a cafe (not sure if it's open yet) and a few pieces of cardio equipment. They have a few short top ropes set up but that's not their focus.

It's a tough economy to be starting a small business and I wish them the best of luck.

Their Grand Opening is this weekend,
March 28-29, and all activities and events are free.

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  1. Thanks. I hadn't heard. I've always considered Indian Rock my climbing gym, but I'll be sure to check it out.